Sunday, July 20, 2014

Rolls-Royce is ready to build an unmanned cargo ships

Rolls-Royce planned to develop a new ship with new methods or advanced technology, its concept crewless ships. "Now it is time to consider a road map to unmanned vessels of various types. Some times what was unthinkable yesterday is tomorrow’s reality", said by Rolls-Royce's vice president Oskar Levander, engineering and technology.

Planned ship will be operated with remote control, would look differently compare with traditional one. Because, there would be no need for the facilities and systems currently needed for a crew. The streamlined vessels would be operated by remote control onshore, requiring around 10 captains per 100 boats, no crew to take hostage. "Crew costs account for 44% of total operating costs for a large container ship", said by Moore Stephens (LLP, an industry consultant).