Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Floral Designer's Flower Design

Floral designers are who creates arrangements for celebrities and fashion labels using flowers. Floral design is the art of using plant materials and flowers to create a pleasing and balanced composition. Evidence of refined floristry is found as far back as the culture of Ancient Egypt.

Bella Meyer’s foray into floral design began a decade ago, when she made a wedding canopy for a friend. Since then, she has dabbled with the subject, but earlier this year she made it official and opened Fleurs Bella, a store in the East Village. “The colors and textures of flowers were more exciting than anything else,” she said.

Ms. Meyer, below, who is the granddaughter of the artist Marc Chagall, now does everything from making simple floral arrangements to creating entire environments for events, for clients like the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Her favorite flower changes with the seasons; currently she is enamored of the Yves Piaget rose, she said, because “it looks a bit like a peony and has the most extraordinary smell.”