Thursday, November 25, 2010

Babies For Sale at Great Prices!!!

All Reborn dolls are made in one peace, and are only sold at auctions, or from the artists. Reborn baby dolls look so real, that sometimes it is impossible to distinguish them from real live babies. It takes months to manufacture such a doll, from time to time a whole year, depending on the workpiece.
According to the creator of Reborn puppets, an English artist Deborah King, her creations are not toys for children. All of these “substitutes for the child” are intended to brighten up the gray days of adults, to find some purpose to unspent parental love.

There are healthy, chubby babies, and there are sick-looked, in-need-for-your-attention kind of babies. There are smiley, sad, sleepy, babies, in all shapes and colours. Any wishes will be fulfilled for your precious money.