Monday, May 2, 2011

Korean Girl Removes Make-up after 24 Months

Doctors advise women remove their make-up every night before they go to sleep, in order to prevent harm to their skin, but a young South-Korean girl preferred to wear her make-up mask full-time, for the last two years.
20-year-old Bae Dal-mi first exposed make-up when she was just 14. You could say it was love at first brush, and ever as then, the young Koream urbanized her make-up talents to the point where she became so needy on it that she didn’t want to remove it anymore. As she kept applying ever-thicker layers of make-up on her face, the mirror became the most significant item in Bae’s life and she declares “I wanted to look perfect at all time, I even slept with the make-up on.” Shae wasn’t happy with her appearance, and said she wanted to have plastic surgery in 10 different places.

For the last two years, the young girl never used make-up removers, so her mother, infuriated by Bae’s behaviour, contacted a TV station and told them Bae’s unbelievable story. During a variety show, dermatologists managed to talk into Bae Dal-mi to finally remove the layers of make-up, and after a particular check-up they found her skin was two times older than her actual age. All because of an mania with beauty…