Monday, January 30, 2012

Chinese young boy gifted with night vision

The young who belongs to the Chinese have the clear night vision. Nong Youhui's parents who in China's Guanxi region observed their son's eyes were special the day he was born. Rather than black or dark brown, the ordinary color for Asian babies, they were a light blue. Even more fascinating was the detail, that when a flashlight was burnished upon them, they would produce a bluish-green light just like the eyes of a catlike. However, when the worried parent's checked with the rural community doctor, he guaranteed them they would twist to black or dark brown, as he grew elder.

Since the young boy was usual in every other way, the parents shortly got used to his good-looking eyes and life went on as normal. Then a few years ago, Nong Youhui's teacher took notice of him bad tempered about how hard it was for him to see in the sunlight. To test his declaration the teacher requested him to detain crickets on a shady night - Certain adequate, the young boy wanted no human artificial light - His shining eyes were sufficient to catch the critters.