Sunday, February 7, 2010

Flowers with Meaning

Meaning of the specific flower called floriography, allows the unspoken to be transmitted through the symbolism of flowers.

Roses, of course, are the go-to Valentine's gifts to represent love and passion. Each color has been assigned specific meaning, including red for enduring passion, white for humility and innocence and pink for gratitude, appreciation and admiration.

Anthurium, symbolizing hospitality and hard work, present this to someone who makes you feel welcome. "Those are really very hardy,"

Azaleas, the delicate blooms suggest temperance and fragile passion and ask the receiver to "take care of your-self for me."

Cyclamen, indicating resignation and good-bye, this multicolored-leaf plant with a crown of flowers is appropriate for someone who is retiring or relocating

Kalanchoe, this succulent speaks of enduring, lasting affection. It will continue to bloom tiny flowers if kept outdoors in a shaded area.

Orchids, in general, these tropical plants convey luxury, beauty and virility