Monday, March 8, 2010

Daffodils Show for Daffodils Lovers

Daffodils the harbingers of spring will be celebrated in Murphys on March 12-14, when Ironstone Vineyards hosts the National Daffodil Show. The show will feature more than 1,000 displays of daffodils as cut flowers or growing in containers showing bright colors and intriguing forms. It will draw daffodil aficionados from around the world, including Great Britain, Australia, Canada and Japan.

The show will especially feature small flowers Miniatures that grow happily in pots or in small garden spaces. The historic daffodils of the past won't be ignored; either they'll have their own section.

Members of the Calaveras County Garden Club will show their wizardry in creating artistic designs using daffodils. Not to be missed will be the photography competition beautiful photos on daffodil themes: portraits of blooms, daffodils in the garden, daffodils in the wild, daffodils and children, daffodils and pets, and more.

All sections of the show will be juried competitions. Exhibiting in the horticulture and photography sections of the show is open to the public.