Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Chocolate Wrapper that Grows into Flowers

Dropping litter can be good for the environment after all.

A sweet wrapper has been designed that blossoms into colorful flowers when buried in the garden. The candytuft flower, the seeds of which are impregnated into the paper packaging, are adored by butterflies

The paper packaging is impregnated with the seeds of candytuft a fragrant flower adored by butterflies.

Marks & Spencer is using the wrapper for a range of pralines suitably shaped like butterflies launched today in time for Mothering Sunday. If the packaging is a success, the company plans to extend it to other products.

M&S spokesman Helene Roberts said “We are proud to have put such innovative food packaging on the UK high street”.

“These chocolate butterflies are the gift that keeps on giving once Mum has enjoyed the chocolates, she can plant the seeded paper and then enjoy the flowers and the butterflies that they attract.”
The paper bag is impregnated with dozens of seeds. Once the chocolate has been eaten, it can be unfolded, placed on a flower bed or in a pot and covered with a layer of soil or compost, and watered.

The paper will provide pink, white, red or purple flowers within weeks. The wrapper can even be cut into five or six pieces and spread around the garden.