Thursday, March 25, 2010

Daffodil Hill Farm

Daffodil Hill farm may be just the right location for your next family outing. Located about an hour outside of Sacramento, Daffodil Hill is a 4 acre farm owned by the McLaughlin family.

Daffodil Hill is home to more than 300 named varieties of daffodils. It is estimated that there are more that 300,000 bulbs in the ground with an additional 6,000 bulbs planted each year. The McLaughlin family has owned the property since 1887 and continues to offer access free of charge to the public.

The flower farm is located at an elevation of about 3,000 feet in amongst the pine trees of Amador County. All types of flowers are located on the property as well as peafowl, pigeons, chickens, and rabbits. You will find rustic farm equipment scattered around the flower farm. There are also about two dozen picnic tables located on the property as well as plenty of room to lay down blankets for a picnic. Youth groups often setup a stand across the street and sell burgers, drinks, and other snacks.

Daffodill Hill is only open a few weeks per year. The flower farm opens when 25 percent of the flowers are in bloom and closes when only 25 percent remain. Last weekend was Daffodil Hill’s opening weekend. With no rain forecasted and highs in the low 70’s, next weekend will be another beautiful time at Daffodill Hill.