Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blooming Flower Plants in Home Garden

There are a couple ways to add blooming plants to the home in the depths of winter. Spring bulbs can be forced to bloom early indoors. The flowers are short-lived but can be a quick way to lift the spirits as an interim to springtime. Forced bulbs in bloom are usually available as gift plants from local florists and garden centers. Knowledgeable of the proper technique, anyone can easily force bulbs indoors at home.

For longer-lasting flowers, the better option is an actual indoor blooming houseplant. Many stay in bloom almost year-around with an occasional short rest period while others will bloom seasonally.

Aside from the usual holiday plants such as poinsettias or Easter lilies, popular indoor blooming plants are the African violet, Cyclamen, orchid, Kalanchoe, and desert cactus.

Some less common indoor blooming plants are the Begonia, Peace Lily, bromeliad, Hibiscus, Anthurium, Jasmine, Goldfish Plant, Shrimp Plant, Lipstick Plant, some geranium varieties, Gloxinia, Gardenia, streptocarpus, Impatiens, Bouvardia, Primrose, and Oxalis.

Even less common, but worth exploring, are the Brazilian Fireworks, Hoya, Firecracker Vine, Clog Plant, Cigar Plant, Flowering Maple, Guzmania, Crossandra, Clivia, Lollipop Plant, Camellia, Whitfieldia, Medinilla, Sapphire Plant, Bird of Paradise, Kangaroo Paws, Pavonia, and Dipteracanthus.

While any of these plants could be very common in specific areas, the list is developed considering overall common distribution.