Friday, February 26, 2010

Roses Hybridization

The Roses you can learn the attributes of each hybrid.

Most roses are a combination of several different plants. The Patsy Cline rose bush is no different. Its mom or seed plant is an Angel Face, a Floribunda rose with dark green leaves, double blooms in a deep mauve color. Angel Face has a strong citrus scent, which complements the Double Delight.

Patsy Cline's dad or pollinator is a hybrid tea rose with light green leaves and is multi-branching. It has a strong spicy scent with red tipped petals and white centers in a large double bloom. Together, the Angel Face and Double Delight produced a spectacular bush that I think will be a great focal point under my kitchen window.

The next rose adding to my yard is a Sterling Silver. This rose is a bit more delicate, and temperamental, but is a must-have for any lavender loving gardener. This rose is also a hybrid tea rose. Its bloom is a light mauve or purple blend with an almost silver shine to its tips. Its scent is a cross of citrus, fruity and sweet talk about wow factor. Though beautiful, it is a touchy rose bush that will need extra TLC for the first two to three years, but it is totally worth the work once the plant settles in and becomes a fixture in our garden.

When selecting which rose to plant, there are many choices besides color. There are several different types of roses, and picking the right type will have a large impact on the maintenance requirements and health of the rose bush. Modern roses can be hybrid tea, floribunda or grandiflora. Hybrid tea roses are long stemmed, formal shrubs with vibrant colors. Floribunda roses have clusters of small flowers, and a shrublike appearance. Grandiflora roses are a cross between hybrid tea and floribunda the flowers are similar to the tea rose, but are smaller and clustered.