Monday, February 22, 2010

Flower Fragrance Garden

Although gardening for fragrance contributes significantly to the scent and ambiance of one’s home. The majority only grow flowers for visual beauty. However, it makes sense to have a well done fragrant garden in a home.

Fragrant gardens are usually located in domestic premises although some hotels and restaurants with a garden setting have them too. They can be set up closer to the house, preferably near the window. “This allows one to enjoy the scent whether they are inside or outside their house. It is important to note that all fragrant plants attract insects, hence families with a history of allergies should reposition their gardens away from the house.”

Although flowers usually contain an aromatic scent, not all plants and flowers emit a sweet scent. “Despite the fact that there are several groups or plants endowed with pleasing fragrances, only 10 groups in the flower world contain the ideal fragrance. Leaf fragrances are possessed by only four groups. The most famous of all the fragrant flowers is perhaps the rose group.

However, it should be noted that hybridization in the quest for brighter and bigger blooms has sapped many flowers of their scents; the price of this “improvement” has been made at the expense of the fragrance. This is why old fashioned plants such as wild roses, violets and common lilac are sought after by fragrance-loving gardeners, hence when building the garden, ensure to look out for these and also to put the growth rate at different seasons into consideration.”