Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Flower Exhibition in India

An annual two-day flower exhibition, titled "Colors of Spring" was held here to encourage flower-exhibitors to showcase their wares and also spread awareness among the people.

Uttarakhand state's (state located in the northern part of India) Horticulture Department organized the event in the premises of Raj Bhawan.

Visitors said they were awestruck by the large variety of flowers showcased at the unique exhibition.

"There are so many varieties of flowers that I have seen for the first time. There are so many varieties of cactus, too,"

Around 250 varieties of flowers were exhibited in various categories of cut and potted flowers.

"There are so many species of flowers showcased here. This time the local flowers of the Himalayan region are also showcased in the event."

The exhibition would be the perfect medium to showcase not only the flowers but also other horticultural adjuncts like fertilizers, which would be useful for the farmers.

"This year the exhibition has got better, as besides flowers, the exhibition showcases things like manure, fertilizers and medicines for plants, which are useful for the farmers.

Various companies have showcased these products over here. It is beneficial for the farmers as they will be seeing many techniques and equipments in this exhibition."

Exquisite varieties of flowers like carnations, lilies, chrysanthemums, gladioli, gerberas and Indian red roses which are in high demand in domestic as well as in European markets are produced in the state.