Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Top secret U.S. ‘eavesdropping’ satellite blasted into space

Top secret U.S. ‘eavesdropping’ satellite blasted into space on back of 235ft rocket. A top secret U.S. spy satellite strapped to one of the most influential rockets in the world blasted into space yesterday.

The satellite was described by the National Reconnaissance Office as ‘the largest in the world’. It is believed it will help the U.S.’s eavesdropping abilities. The un-manned Delta 4-Heavy rocket lifted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida at 5:58pm (2258 GMT).

‘This mission helps to ensure that vital NRO resources will continue to bolster our national defence,’ said Air Force Brigadier General Ed Wilson after take-off. The mission is classified and no other details are accessible.

The rocket is 235ft tall and can launch payloads of up to 24 tons into low Earth orbit.
The Delta 4-Heavy is America’s most powerful liquid-fuelled rocket and generated 2,000,000lb of thrust at take-off. It has been in use since 2004.