Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Pink Dolphin Of Amazon Gets well-known

The feature “Amazon Alive! A Decade of Discoveries 1999-2009,” gives an account of the 257 types of fish, 55 species of reptiles, 216 species of amphibians, 16 types of birds and 39 types of mammals. It also discovered 637 species of plants. One of the cutest things that they have probably discovered, is the Inia Boliviensis.

It is a species of dolphin found in that region. However, it has sure unique features that makes this animal cuter than the general ones. Inia Boliviensis also known as the pink river dolphin has an unique figure, with including a pink nose and a circular head.

Initially the scientists consider that this species of dolphin, is a subspecies of Inia Geoffrensis, which is another species of dolphin found in the same region. However, in 2006, in was discovered that Inia Boliviensis is a separate species itself, as it has more teeth, a smaller, wider and rounder body, and a smaller head too. Dolphins have always been a friendly and endearing mammal.

It recent mention in the “Amazon Alive! A Decade of Discoveries 1999-2009,” has made every one more curious about this newly discovered species. Other interesting animals that have been mentioned in the articles are bald-headed parrot, Pyrilia Aurantiocephala, huge catfish that survive on monkeys, new type of anaconda, Ranitomeya Amazonica, a frog that has a burst of flames on its head etc.