Monday, November 15, 2010

New technique followed by Kobe Bryant

Well of course Kobe Bryant (notes) threw the ball off the backboard and back to himself so that he could nail an open jumper against the Suns on Sunday night. Kobe's got a basketball brain the size of Phil Jackson's ranch in Montana, and Phil Jackson has a very large farm in Montana.

And when you have a brain this big, along with skills this profound, this is what occurs.

It's all absolutely legal, of course. Kobe doesn't get an assist to/for himself, and the shot clock doesn't get to start all over after he throws it off the glass (this is why you don't see players chucking the ball at the backboard with the digits winding down), but the episode is lawful and very nice to watch. And it's not as if anyone else was open, though that fact likely won't deter some comments.