Monday, October 11, 2010

Scouting is always important to waterfowl hunters but especially this year

In this day and age of waterfowl hunting in Minnesota, scouting and acclimatized to hunting new places is critical for success. Some traditional spots and marshes that were once teeming with ducks and geese have seen a shortage of waterfowl. This has been especially true this year, where sheet water has shaped temporary flooded fields and wetlands.

I have found how many good waterfowling opportunities there are to be found if you put in some windshield time. The great thing is a lot of these better places are public hunting areas. We hunted a Waterfowl Production Area open to hunting that held good numbers of ducks. Research and scouting led to a nice bag of ducks in territory that was unknown to us.

So try exploring new areas and scouting places where other huntsman doesn’t tread. You never know when you will stagger across a honey hole that will pay off big time.