Thursday, October 7, 2010

Death rate rises to 97 in Indonesia flooding

The death rate has climbed to at least 97 dead and 68 missing in Indonesia, after flash floods. It is suspected that at least 97 people would have been injured, and more than 900 people have been displaced. The hardest-hit area is the distant location of Teluk Wondama, about eight to 10 hours by ship from Manokari, West Papau. Communication lines also have been disturbed. About 80 percent of the town of Wasior, in the Teluk Wondama district, has been damaged.

Help and supplies such as tents, blankets, clothes and food have been provided for the people in the region. Rescue workers are still searching for survivors from floods which hit West Papua's Teluk Wondama district on Monday following torrential downpours. It's monsoon season in Indonesia, and flooding is not unusual. However, the Bureau of Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics is forecasting unusually heavy rains this year. Experts warned such events will become more common in the archipelago due to a combination of climate change, land conversion and logging.