Wednesday, September 21, 2011

World’s Cheapest Car no Longer remains Cheaper

Tata Nano although publicized as being the cheapest car appears between the most expensive after a single car was given a golden cover to probably make it the most exorbitant car so far. Tata Motors and Tata's Titan Industries Gold plus have ornamented the Nano with over 80 kilos of gold, as well as, 15 kilos of silver, expensive stones and other semi precious jewels.
The car was made public at Tata Theatre in Mumbai by not any other than Ratan Tata, Chairman of Tata Group.  Today, gold is priced at Rs. 28,147 per ten grams and with over 80 kgs of the yellow metal used to decorate the Nano one can only guess its cost.  Gold plus is a Tata owned jewelry chain that was dependable for this show of wealth atop the Nano.  This car will be on exhibit at some of the company's showrooms for the next six months and audience can get a look at this show of magnificence, or get a photograph of them sitting in a gold festooned Nano.

This is not the initial stage that Gold plus has arrived out with something so pioneering.  Some years back the company had aimed the world's largest bangle which was over 6 ft in diameter and weighed 25 kgs.

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