Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nano-sized Electric Motor is developed

Scientists have developed the world's primary sole molecule electric motor, a growth that may potentially create a new class of strategy that could be used in applications ranging from medicine to engineering. 

The electrical motor measures just one nanometre. About 60,000 of them equal the width of a human hair. The molecular motor is a get through that could lead to new types of electrical circuitry, according to Charles Sykes, an associate university lecturer of chemistry at Tufts University in Massachusetts. 

In a research circulated online on September 4 in Nature Nanotechnology, the Tufts team has reported an electric motor that measures a measly 1 nanometre across, a revolutionary work considering that the current world record is a 200 nanometre motor. 

The team plans to submit the Tufts-built electric motor to Guinness World Records.