Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mother’s Day Flowers to say “I Love You Mom”

Many people are asking now “When is Mother’s Day 2010?” People all over the world ask this because this is a global thing. Mother’s day falls on May 9, 2010. It’s usually on a Sunday. Anyway, many are trying to get ideas on what to give their mother and they search for “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas” on the internet because they run out of ideas on what to give, or what to buy them. You can treat your mother to dinner, or buy them flowers. Anything that will make them feels special.

Mother’s Day is a special day to show your mother how much she is appreciated. It’s the one day in the year that she is publically recognized, and flowers are a big part of showing her your love. Flowers are always a classic; despite the ubiquity factor, flowers has a great deal for Mother’s Day, with bouquets Read the below Characterized Flowering houseplants and think what flower matches perfectly with your mothers,

For those hovering mothers, I suggest an anthurium. These Hawaiian natives range from 10 inches to 2 feet high. Their leaves and flowers, held aloft on long stems, are both appropriately heart-shaped. The flowers, technically called "spathes," are bright red or orange and are as shiny and sturdy as plastic plates.

If your mother encouraged you to be independent, she will love clivias. These beauties are related to that Christmas favorite, the amaryllis. Clivias have strap-like leaves that shoot from a central base. Every spring, they send up a stalk topped by as many as a dozen long-lasting, bell-shaped flowers in bright orange or yellow.

What about the mother in the middle? My mother adjusted her level of attention to each daughter's needs. (Thank you, Mom!) It's a potted "Mophead" hydrangea for her. Each Mophead stem ends in a dense, spherical bouquet of delicate flowers, which come in a range of colors from blue to white to pink, and even red.

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