Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hummingbirds Love with Flower Gardens

Hummingbirds are nectar feeders, and they appreciate a season-long succession of plants that provide that. In general, hummingbirds favor tubular flowers that are orange, red and pink.

Researchers discovered a behavior of the purple-throated caribs, a hummingbird on the island of Dominica in the eastern Caribbean, that has not previously been recorded in birds. Male caribs will defend a territory larger than they need, including a flowery area meant exclusively to lure females for mating. Female caribs have longer bills than the males, enabling them to eat nectar in lobster claw heliconia flowers. Despite the males’ inability to eat from the heliconia, males were seen aggressively defending an area that includes these flower spots.

Salvias are colorful, drought-tolerant little perennials that attract hordes of hummingbirds to the garden. But when you see how long this perennial flowers, as well as all the hummingbirds that flock to it, 'Blueberry Taffy' is dependably perennial. The best hummingbird, is a dark-blue-blooming tender perennial called ‘Black and Blue’ Salvia.