Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tornado in Western Pennsylvania demolishes 30 Homes

Hempfield Township in Westmoreland County was hit by a tornado earlier today. The National Weather Service long-established the twister and stated that at least thirty homes were shattered. Sixty other residents were poorly damaged by the storm. The National Weather Service confirmed the tornado as EF2 (strong) on the Enhanced Fujita Scale.

No wounds or wounded have been reported. Four Hempfield schools are scheduled to be closed Friday, to assess structural damage. Superintendent Terry Foriska stated that: Hempfield Area High school, Harrold Middle school, Fort Allen Elementary and Crossroads Alternative will be closed. All other schools in the area will open Friday morning as scheduled.

Hempfield Area High School suffered main damage from the tornado. The school’s auditorium, football stadium and scoreboard experienced extreme destruction. Bulldozers were brought in to remove wreckage from the stadium. None of the 200 students on campus at the time of the storm were upset. "It's just amazing that no one was upset. This is a good story that we walked away from a fairly significant storm with no one hurt," said Dan Stevens of Westmoreland County Emergency armed forces.

"A mess. There's just stuff everywhere," said Courtney Ansell as she walked through her knocked down Fort Allen home. "It just looks like it came and sawed the whole roof off. I never realized that, in a matter of 20 seconds, it could do amazing like this."