Sunday, February 13, 2011

Woman gives birth to own grandson

A 61 year-old woman in the US has given birth to her own grandson. 

Kristine Casey acted as a surrogate for daughter Sara Connell after she was powerless to have children of her own. Mrs Connell and her husband Bill are the organic parents of the boy, who is called Finnean.

The 35 year-old lecturer sat holding her mother's hand as she delivered the baby boy at a hospital in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She said her mother, who gave birth to her last child almost 30 years ago, had obtainable to act as a surrogate when she suffered years of heartache annoying to conceive.

Mrs Connell said she underwent IVF treatment in 2004 but delivered stillborn twins, and later she suffered a miscarriage. She said when she heard her son cry for the first time after the caesarean section delivery she could not hold back the emotion.

"I lost it," Mrs Connell said. "It's such a wonder." Mrs Casey, a mother-of-three, said she was grateful to be able to help her daughter.

"The three of the happiest days of my life were giving birth to my daughters,' and I thought I could choose to do this for an important person I love," she said. Mrs Casey underwent multiple tests to assess her medical and psychological health, as required by Illinois law on surrogate births.

She fell pregnant after his second course of IVF treatment and gave birth after 39 weeks. Mrs Casey, who is from Virginia, is believed to be the oldest person in the state of Illinois to give birth.

"The emotional context of this delivery was so profound," said Dr Susan Gerber, an obstetrician at Northwestern Memorial Hospital where the baby boy was born.