Thursday, September 23, 2010

Top Chef Reunion: Pea Puree Problem (lastly) Explained

Who knew pea puree could be so divisive?

Fine, if it's part of Top Chef it can be…

The big question during this most recent season of the cooking competition show has been if Alex really stole Ed's pea puree during one of the removal challenges.

The Los Angeles chef has always maintained his innocence. And host Padma Lakshmi has his back. "He totally didn't steal the pea puree," Lakshmi recently told me. "If he did, he would have been sent home."

Judge Tom Colicchio teased that all will be explained on tonight's reunion special. "It'll come out a little down the road that he utterly did not steal it," he said.
So why the big mystery? Because it makes good television. "We call it creative editing."